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Indian Harbor Indian Waterways

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Community Park Amenities

Access to park amenities, including boat ramp and beach.

Member Gathering

Enjoy sunsets with your neighbors and furry friends nightly at the community park.

Boat Ramp Access

A designated area to launch your boat bayside in the neighborhood.


Boat Ramp
And Docks

  1. Access to the boat ramp requires the purchase of a boat ramp access card.
  2. Members are strictly prohibited from sharing their boat ramp access card with anyone other than an immediate family member.
  3. The boat ramp and ramp staging area shall never be blocked or obstructed. Do not park your vehicle in the ramp staging area.
  4. No vessel over 30 feet in length or triple-axle trailers can use the boat ramp.
  5. Do not leave your vessel at the dock unattended for longer than 60 minutes.
  6. No overnight docking. Vessels left overnight will be towed at the vessel owner’s expense.
  7. The park, boat ramp, or dock may not be used to pick up or drop off commercial charter clients or guests. The park is for recreational use only, no commercial activities are allowed.
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Community Park Dock @ sunset

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Community Park Jetty Area


Park &
Jetty Area

  1. No overnight parking of vehicles or trailers. Any vehicle or trailer left overnight will be towed at the vehicle or trailer owner’s expense.
  2. Do not leave any trash in the park. Take all your belongings and trash with you when you leave the park. Please help keep our park clean.
  3. No glass bottles, cups, or the like is allowed in the park.
  4. The park does not permit storage. Any unattended property such as kayaks, paddleboards, etc will be considered storage and will be removed and disposed of.
  5. Dogs are allowed off-leash if the dog owner is present. Dog owners must pick up after their dog.
  6. Members and guests are expected to be respectful to other members and guests and shall conduct themselves accordingly.
  7. The Board reserves the right, at its discretion, to revoke membership and access to the park for violation of any park rule.
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Download park rules

You can download a copy of the park rules below.